Welcome to Anisia Lighting

Anisia means "someone who keeps their word and finishes tasks". We chose this name because that is the very principal that the company was started on. We keep our word and finish jobs. Everything about our company reflects the name Anisia. Every task we perform has these two concepts in mind.

Anisia Lighting Services, Inc. is a MN licensed electrical contractor who performs maintenance for commercial and residential customers. Our business is dedicated to service and maintenance. Our highly skilled electricians and technicians have years of experience diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical, and lighting.

We try to utilize technology to the fullest extent possible everyday. All our technicians carry cell phones and have access to the internet. Our office utilizes the internet, email and computerized recordkeeping and much more to help increase our customer service and to help stay on top of new products and changing code.

Preventative Maintenance Program